About Hello charlie

Hello Charlie started in 2010 shortly after the arrival of my first baby as a creative outlet and it has changed so. many. times.

I have had my business blogs in the past as a portfolio of work but I have always wanted to incorporate everything creative I love in one space. So here we are with this page to document the ideas running around in my head that often keep me up at night. I have held back sharing everything for years because I don’t have the perfect home, perfect anything really and I finally decided who cares? This is for me and for the people I inspire and more importantly… my kids. I hope I can encourage others to style their wardrobes, homes, and lives to represent themselves and ultimately do what makes you happy.

If you have questions about sponsored posts or giveaways, please email me for more information. I am happy to consider them if the products are consistent with those I frequently feature and if they fit within the content and feel of Hello Charlie. Please note I do use affiliate links where I can. This means I earn a small commission from products purchased directly through these links from Hello Charlie. This does not in any way affect or compromise the choices I make when curating products, but it is a way to help support my growing family while doing what I love and offset the costs of maintaining this blog.