Photo Mama - learn how to take better photos of your kiddos


Photo Mama is a workshop I started teaching in 2011 where I taught groups of 30 or so moms twice a year for 30 days to improve their digital photography skills. When I had my first baby, Caleb, I took a digital photography class to be able to take better photos of him. I wanted to learn how to take candid shots, have the smooth blurry background, and have crystal clear eyes. I soon started my own photography business with my sister and we took on family clients. The moms would always ask us for tips or say “I wish I could take photos as good as you two do.” That was how the workshop idea began - I wanted to help other moms achieve their goals of taking better candid photos of their children.

I taught the class online in a Facebook group format over a month’s time. I wanted to teach them the way I learned best - visual examples, small tidbits of information, assignments to get lots of practice, and helpful critiques. Recently I had the idea to share this information on my blog and for now … it is FREE! Follow the posts below to take the class on your own time and schedule.

Have questions? Comment directly on the blog post and I will get back to you!

Pro Tip: Post your assignments on your Instagram and tag me @hello.charlie with the hashtag #hellocharliephotomamas so I can help you and give you feedback! My students in the past that interacted the most were the most successful. Facebook only users follow my business page @hellocharliestudio and I will have a place you can post your weekly images there to get my feedback.