How to Style your Kiddo for School Photo Day

Our school does “photo day” a week after school starts and it always surprises me as I have been so busy planning for back to school buying supplies and figuring out schedules the little notification for school photos gets lost in the mix.


As a photographer and stylist and now been through a couple of rounds of school photos I have some style tips for you when choosing their look for the day:

  1. If your school uses LifeTouch you will get a sheet of ONE MILLION options of backgrounds, poses etc. I recommend sticking to the “headshot” style with shoulders up and choosing the gray background. I got these chair photos above as a promotion but normally I keep it simple. Every year I choose this same option to keep it consistent for displaying them and eventually putting them in a scrapbook for them.

  2. Style wise - kids are fun and vibrant and they should dress that way. Your background is neutral so go for a bold color that complements their skin, hair and eyes. What colors look good on them? Go with that and keep the patterns simple. Keep in mind it’s basically their chest/shoulders showing so stripes or fun patterns need to be visible at the top.

  3. Accessories - My opinion is to keep it simple and classic. The JoJo bow is cute for every day but for photos you want their face to be the focus.

Charlie wore this rainbow dress by Malia and Kai for her kindergarten photos (above) and I love it. The pattern shows but doesn’t distract from her cute little face and I can’t imagine ever thinking rainbows aren’t cute. She felt confident and loved it as well. This week you can use code CHARLIE20 to get 20% off this dress AND check out the sale section as those are already marked down and you can still use her code to save more! That LOL dress is a big hit at our house - just sayin.

Last thing - I rounded up some of my favorite picks right now for school photos below - just click on the photo to shop directly.