My Side hustle

I joined the Mac & Mia team as a stylist in early 2018. I wanted to earn some extra money for my family and be able to save for fun things I wanted and not dip into our family’s everyday funds. Since then it has turned into so much more. I really hate to sound too “sales-y” when I talk about it and trust me I NEVER thought I would be in sales and I’m totally aware you hear that from a lot of people these days … but what it has become for me is something I truly LOVE doing. I found my passion project. I love connecting with my clients and sending them clothes that make THEM and their kiddos happy. I’m good at it and that’s the first time I can confidently say that in my 38 years of life. I love styling and to be getting paid to do it is just a huge bonus. It’s the perfect side hustle for me.

Watch the two videos below to see Charlie and Miles’ first Mac & Mia boxes I made when I first joined. And if you love kid’s fashion and want to try it out here is my link. When you use it you will get me as your kiddos’ stylist AND all of my new clients get $20 in merchandise credit.

What I really love about our brand is that way always say “We get you because we ARE you”. It’s so true! In the comments below let me know what box services you have tried for your own family and what your thoughts are on the ones you have tried - I’m curious to know!

FUN FACT: I did a photo shoot for Mac & MIa in 2016 and Charlie was the model! It was the first time I heard of this service/brand and I instantly fell in love. Crazy how the world works now that I work for them.

Charlie's first Mac & Mia box
Miles' First Mac & Mia Box