My Kindergarten Baby

My Kindergarten Baby

You know how everyone posts things for back to school like “and just like that he is off to Kindergarten” or “I blinked and now we are here!” Well, even if you read it 5,000 times this week for every mama it is SO true and bittersweet in many ways. Time really does fly so quickly with kiddos and I honestly can’t believe I’m already to the point of my baby going to school.

I thought I would be ok with Miles going to Kindergarten as the other two have already done it and he has been in preschool/all day daycare for over a year now. But there is something about the last baby going off to school on the bus with the other kids means yet another new chapter in our lives. A part of me is sad and a part of me is happy – we made it. We got through the super tough baby years and we are still alive. Barely – but we are. We are starting to sleep again and everyone can be trusted a little more on their own. 

 But Miles is my buddy. We had a year of just him and me with the other kids in school and he still remembers it and I will ALWAYS remember it. We did fun things like go to McDonalds for breakfast just the two of us, watch Mickey all he wanted with no one telling him to turn the channel, he played with whatever toys he wanted to and no one took them away, and we cuddled and took afternoon naps together.

He is a kiddo who doesn’t love change and loves a good routine so I’m praying for a transition that goes well for him. I hope having his brother and sister on the bus will help and that he will get hugs from them in the hallway at school. I always try to teach them to stick together so I hope they will.

I made time this week to sit down with each one of them and talk about school and what they are nervous about and excited about. I haven’t done this in the past and after doing it I will make it a tradition each year. I follow a mom that has a tradition of taking each one of her kiddos on a one on one date the week before school starts and I think that is a great idea too! Each one of my kids opened up to me more than they ever have and I found out more in those 20 minutes than I thought was even going on their little minds. They each had detailed lists of worries and fears and I think by talking through them they hopefully know I am here for them even if I can’t be there during the day.

For kindergarten, here are some things I have learned with my first two to help them with before the big day:

  1. Practice having a lunch at home where they have to open all the tiny packages themselves, get a milk like they do at school and practice opening it up. Have them peel off the applesauce lid themselves or the go-gurt wrapper. Instead of thinking - how will they ever do that by themselves?!! - Help them learn! It will make you feel better too.

  2. Start your new routine now before the big day - go to bed when they need to for school, set out clothes the night before and have them dress themselves in the morning. Practice zippers and putting on their own coat at home before it gets cold out.

  3. Tell them when they are at school you are always thinking about them and will be so excited to pick them up and hear about their day. I have learned my kids are just as nervous about the separation as I am - and confirming I will miss them but will be excited for them makes them smile and feel a little more confident. Sending a cute note they will find in their lunch or bag is fun too - Even if its a big heart and your name they will get the message.

I know this week is going to be hard and I know when I look at him I will hope he doesn’t get too big too fast on me. I’m still going to kiss all of his freckles every night and let him crawl into bed with me five minutes after I just put him to bed and made him promise to stay in his own bed just like I do every. single. night.