The cutest backpacks for fall

My Favorite Backpacks for Kids this Fall

I have always loved a good bag and getting a new backpack for school when I was little was the BEST FEELING. Who remembers getting their first ESPRIT bag?! I had a purple one with pink ESPRIT logo and I thought I was the coolest ever and couldn’t wait for everyone to be jealous. One year I even convinced my parents to get me a plaid messenger ESPRIT bag and that pretty much made my life. I did a search on Ebay to see if I could find one and how cool is this one - should we bring it back?!

Now as a mom I love picking out my kiddos’ backpacks for school but I have learned a few things along the way. Caleb’s first year we went the cheap route and it didn’t even last the entire school year - huge hole and it basically fell apart - never again. I have also let them get character bags and while it makes them happy at at the moment - they change their mind on who they love or what show they are watching by the end of the year and it’s no longer their favorite. I love a great deal when shopping (who doesn’t?!) but backpacks are something I personally think you need to invest in and go with classic, fun, and quality.

Three reasons I think this is the way to go:

  1. They carry around SO much in that bag I’m surprised most of them can even stand up - give them a fighting chance with a sturdy bag.

  2. It will last the entire school year - if you are lucky you will get 2 or even 3 years out of it.

  3. They won’t have a bag like everyone else. I LOVE Target but that is one thing that I don’t like is that everyone has the same stuff. Get them a unique bag and it will never be lost … or at least you have better chances.

So as everything else with parenting I lived and I learned and am still learning. I have gone through and picked out my favorites that I have seen so far this year and my kids have selected from this list which ones they want. Pro tip - make a list of the ones you love - THEN have them choose from that list. They will still feel like they are choosing their bag and everyone is happy!